Iadê, Institute of Art & Decoration, started its educational activities in 1959, being one of the first Brazilian design schools. Founded in São Paulo by Italo Bianchi, based on the philosophical principles of the German Bauhaus school and strongly influenced by the Brazilian Concretism movement.

The institute closed it’s doors on 1987 and now, 30 years later it’s making a comeback, with a updated visual identity that pays homage to the past but aims at the future.

How can we transpose the creative materiality tradition of the 60’s in the digital world? And how could the symbols of concretism, with its logical and mathematical systems, exist today, almost 70 years after the first São Paulo International Bienniale, with all the technical and technological advances?

We aimed for the ideal meeting point between tradition and contemporaneity, without neglecting the essence of the creative experience: discovery, learning and exploration.

Pharus, 2020

Original 1960’s identity

Caio Reis, 2018