VAVAV is a experimental music group formed by Caio Reis, Gábor Kerekes and Amir Houieh, during KABK's 2014-15 Image class. The name VAVAV is the representation of a triangular sound wave, and the continuous pronunciation reflects the sound of a deep pulsating bass.

The logo and posters were made glitching the stroke parameters of a series of simple triangles on Illustrator, and the music and visuals of the performance are generated live trough an interactive audio-visual instrument. The instrument is essentially a program, which allows us to manipulate any music by running it through a chain of effects, and in turn, generate visuals in accordance with the beats and frequencies detected in the resulting sound.

Instrument-like controllers were built using an Arduino board, which we use to manipulate various parameters affecting the visuals. The paramaters affecting the music are manipulated via a midi-controller.

KABK, 2014-15


Amir Houieh
Caio Reis
Gábor Kerekes

Caio Reis, 2018